Ice Cream Works Chowpatty Review

icw_review.jpgEver since Gelato shut down at Chowpatty, I was wondering what would replace it. When I saw it from outside, I was like “Shit not another ice cream place!”, but then Ice Cream Works by Cream Centre sells more than just Ice Creams which made me want to go check it out!

What do you get there?  Ice creams, ice cream sunadaes, cassatas, Ice cream cakes, snacks like nachos, fries, rolls, sandwiches, pizzas and pastas. They have some really interesting flavours like Gajar Halwa, Sticky Chocolate, Hazelnut, kulfi, paan, etc. My brother and I had Nachos and a Nutty Sundae which basically had chocolate ice cream, nuts and chocolate sauce in a chocolate waffle cup. The cheesy nachos were yum and the sundae was chocolicious! I wish we could’ve tried more…the ice cream cakes looked super tempting!

Ambience & Service- Located bang opposite Chowpatty beach, near Café Coffee Day, Ice Cream Works by Cream Centre is a lovely place! Lots of white and light blue has been used with chic and classy furniture. They have place to sit in case you want to sit down and enjoy your ice cream or have a small snack before your dessert. The service is good. 

Prices- The Ice creams start at Rs. 38 and up depending on the flavour you choose. The Sundaes are for Rs. 120 and up. The snacks are all between Rs. 98 and Rs. 148. We paid Rs. 256 for Nachos and the Nutty Sundae and both were totally worth it! The pricing is just right. 

Verdict- I loved what I had and can’t wait to try more! If you’re an ice cream person, totally go and try Ice Cream Works! You’ll love it! 

 Rating- 4.5/5

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