Ice Cream Works Dadar Review


“ICW serves delicious ice-creams and has definitely made its presence felt.
It would have been over a year when i first had an ice-cream at ICW and I have been a fan ever since!
Ice Cream Works has a great variety of flavors to sate your cravings.
I was really impressed by their Calcutta Meetha Pan ice-cream although i admmit I was skeptical about it at first. Its pretty amazing how they managed to blend such flavors into their ice cream. I would recommend people to try it rather than just choosing the safer options.Also if you like Dark chocolates then their Dark chocolate ice-creams are very well made.
A couple of months ago while I was in Parle i happened to notice their branch over there and came to know about the flavor of the month offer they provide. I'm not very sure if its there on all the branches but i had got a Strawberry Scoop only for Rs.30 :D Its a great place and definitely worth a try”

- Chirag Cheddah

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