The quest for India's best ice cream


Amit Vaidya finds a Mumbai Parlour that makes ice cream the way it should be made.

"I had nearly given up my search when I stumbled upon Ice Cream Works. Run by the owners of Cream Centre, a famous, old Mumbai restaurant, Ice Cream Works has several outlets in Mumbai. The one on Marine Drive really feels like an ice-cream parlour. When I saw the flavours on the board, my eyes lit up:Sicilian pistachio, English Bailey's cream, Wimbledon strawberry cheesecake. Samples were free, and I think I tried every flavour they had within 10 minutes. Each flavour had a distinct taste; each made me feel something different.

I was ecstatic, but I still needed to check if my stomach would digest the ice cream. Thank god it did. Ice Cream Work's offerings were soon a part of my daily diet. On one of my visits, I met the manager of all the outlets, Anitin Sharma. He told me that unlike most brands in India, Ice Cream Works uses fresh milk to produce their ice cream, with only cane sugar used as a sweetner. Different flavours have different prices because they all have different ingredients.

Ice Cream Works is the official ice-cream provider of all the Taj hotels in Mumbai."

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