Own your own Ice Cream Works parlour for less than Rs. 10 lakh
Ice Cream Works will be used as the outlet name

50-200 Sq.ft space with a maximum rent of Rs. 60,000/month

A prime location with good footfalls

The parlour will only serve 100% vegetarian ice cream supplied by Ice Cream Foods Pvt. Ltd.

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Ice Cream

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Opening Support

Franchise Service Expert

Our expertise in enticing taste buds has led us to experiment with ice cream and introduce bold flavours. We stand for innovation at affordable prices. Our philosophy "Bring back the JOY in eating ice cream" can be seen in our product, stores and the service level of the staff.

Prince Cuisines better known as the powerhouse of ideas in food retailing introduced the leading vegetarian restaurant Cream Centre 58 years back. Since then we have believed in inventive innovations and high quality food.

Our dedicated Ice Cream Works franchise team has unmatched experience in ensuring all outlets meet our high standard. They have created manuals with all the necessary procedures required to open and run an Ice Cream Works outlet successfully. Therefore, no matter where you are, we will ensure that your Ice Cream Works parlour is up to the mark.

What do I need to have to open an Ice Cream Works parlour?

Where will I get supplies/stocks?

What kind of returns can I expect from my business?

I own a store which I am using to sell other products. Can I continue to sell these products if I convert the store to a parlour?

Can the equipment / consumables / ingredients, as required be bought from any local supplier as per your specifications?

What is the royalty or commission to be paid to Ice Cream Works?

How many employees are needed for running a parlour?

Will the interior work be done by the company or the franchisee?

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