Ice Cream Works

We’re new to the scene but we say what we mean! Ice Cream Works® keeps it real, and that extends to our ingredients, flavours, dairy and in-store experience. We aim to be your next icy obsession, and all you need to be part is have a taste of real! Visit your nearest store now and we’ll show you how
Ice Cream Works!

From the house of Prince Creamery, a legacy of 58 years.

  • Lina Korda

    “Flavours that make you
    melt, you can taste the quality ingredients in each bite.”

  • Porus Mehta

    "Ice Cream Works has got
    unique combinations blended in a rich creamy texture, a delicious range of flavours to choose from."

  • Yogesh pawar

    “A treat that just hits the right sweet spot, a must try for all the ice cream lovers.”

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