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"From the house of Prince Creamery, we carry a legacy of 58 years."

Have you ever wondered “What’s the best ice cream near me?”. Let’s be the answer to that question! We’re new to the scene but we say what we mean. Ice Cream Works® keeps it real, and that extends to our ingredients, flavours, dairy and your in-store experience. We aim to be your next icy obsession, and all you need to be part is have a taste of real! Visit your nearest store now and we’ll show you how
Ice Cream Works! 

Real Ingredients

Let’s begin with every ingredient we work with. Sourced from the finest possible sources, we travel that extra mile to get you real flavour. We’re talking fresh strawberries from Mahabaleshwar, Paan from Calcutta and Vanilla from Tahiti. It might sound unbelievable, but the next taste of this ice cream will have you screaming ‘IT’S REAL!’

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Real Milk

Ice Cream with an emphasis on the CREAM. We use only 100% real milk with no fillers, no taste duplicates and absolutely nothing that doesn’t belong in Ice Cream. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing on earth that tastes as good as the real thing.

Real Passion

There’s nothing normal about our ice cream. We’re fanatics for the frosty treats, so we make sure we’re taking the extra step to make it our own. Try our range of insane creations like the Monster/Big Bang series, inspired by our vision to take ice cream to the next level. Or have a sip of our fully loaded sundaes, that are smooth and so, so good! Or have a slice of ice-cream cake in the form of the classic cassata, of which every bite will give you the taste of celebration. We promise you that the delicious scoops on our menu will be anything but plain and simple.

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A range for your regular refreshment, these flavours are budget friendly and meant for your daily delight!


Flavour that’s not too dark and not too light. It’s the perfect amount of chocolate to brighten up your day!


We promise you that the delicious scoops on our menu will be anything but plain and simple.

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